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24 June, 2017

Conrad These Days + A Giveaway with Garnish Co

We are at such a fun stage of life with Conrad right now! He is 8 months old and such a joy.

1. He has 5 teeth and one more trying to pop through. He chews on everything he can, but his banana teether is his favorite.
2. He babbles all day long saying 'dada', 'mama', 'nana' and 'baba'. 
3. He's a total water baby.
4. He still loves cuddling and is starting to give real hugs now.
5. He's not a fan of tomatoes but loves chicken and spinach.
6. He climbs EVERYTHING, including me. I think he sees me as more of a step stool for him than a parent at this point. ;)
7. He still can't quite figure out how to get a real laugh out most days, so he will either hyperventilate or just scream and smile really big - I love it.
8. He's fearless (unless it comes to the vacuum or the hair clippers, in which case he's a real baby;)
9. He is trying so hard to stand up on his own and is starting to be able to balance for a few seconds at a time. 
10. He is living up to his name - bold. We love his name so much and were so excited when we found Garnish Co. They make custom cutout wooden signs and do an incredible job. I've teamed up with Garnish Co to give away $50 shop credit to one winner, and you can enter the giveaway on my Instagram page (@mckellwilson) and get an extra entry by leaving a comment here on my blog! If you are interested in purchasing your own custom sign from Garnish Co, you can find them HERE or HERE


  1. You make me want to have kids, and where did you get his bed frame? So cute!!! Your house looks so modern and cutsie!!

  2. I have loved following your cute blog McKell. <3 Thank you for sharing your insights with fellow mommas.

  3. Such a neat decoration for any room!