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04 January, 2016

Finding Light in Dark Moments

At the start of every year, I like to take a moment to reflect upon my growth throughout the year before. And as hard as it is to admit, 2015 was a year of spiritual regression for me. I began the year with an unshakable testimony and a steady devotion to scripture study and temple attendance. However, as life became hectic, my priorities shifted and I felt that I was stuck in 'survival mode' - and still struggle with feeling that way now. It has been a tough realization, and that realization has brought on trials of its own. Now that I realize how apathetic I have become to church activity, I recognize the need for change. And because of that, life. has. been. tough.
My first thoughts were to stick it out and that I would just begin to dive back into the gospel after my sadness faded. But I soon realized that that's not what the gospel is about at all. I realized that the gospel is there for us NOW. In those moments of sadness and sorrow, Christ IS there to help us through. Christ is waiting for us to talk to Him about our pains and our trials, for as He helps to lift our burden, His burden is in turn lifted as well.
Jesus the Christ died for you and for me, and he has felt exactly what we have gone through, are going through now, and what we will go through in the future. Our Savior -- MY Savior -- has felt precisely what I am feeling in this exact moment. And as I have lived through my darkest moments, He has been there to hold my hand and feel that pain with me as I am feeling it. So when I beckon to Him for help, He is then enabled to lift my burden as well as His own, and how incredible is that?! The Savior Himself is aware of our very emotions and understands them at an even deeper level than we ourselves can comprehend. He lives! He lives to comfort me, always. And with that constant comfort, how can I possibly remain sorrowful?
Through Christ, I can and will conquer every trial that besets me - and you will too. Life is hard, but of one thing I am sure: Light shall always conquer. I finally see that now. I see that joy always comes after sorrow. Light is never out of reach. And there is a loving Father in Heaven as well as a loving Savior who are waiting and willing to help each of us through everything. Everything! So fear not, be steadfast, and be believing. Christ IS there, and I am determined to make this year a year of progression. And when I have those inevitable moments of regression, I know that my Savior will help me and lift me higher than before.
The gospel is here for us now. So again, fear not! Light can always be found in dark moments with the help of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and of these things I know.

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  1. Love you McKell! Beautiful writing and inspiring thoughts!