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31 January, 2016

Sorry for the Low-Quality Picture...

sorry for sharing this happy memory that happened to be captured through a grainy picture.

Okay, why are we apologizing for sharing moments?

I mean, I get it. Good quality pictures are awesome and I try to take them myself, but that's not always how life works. Most of the time, we just have our cellphones on hand and do our best to capture all the sweet moments that life has to offer.
So we make a great memory and we want to capture it - and that's great! But then we go home, take a look at those pictures, and put a bunch of filters on them to try and make them salvageable to post but if they just aren't 'up to standard' we either apologize or delete the pictures altogether...Why does a picture need to look perfect to share with others?
When did sharing pictures on social media become a competition...a place to prove we can take clear pictures with perfect backdrops? Isn't the point of social media to share our memories and moments with those we care about? 

Some of my favorite memories are the grainy ones. 

sorry for hurting your eyes with this sub-par photograph of my husband and me. 

So take pictures...take lots of pictures! And if you want to share a memory with the world, DO IT. Quit tucking away your grainy pictures just because you're afraid people will judge you for posting them. I promise you I won't, and I'm pretty sure no one else will either.

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