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11 January, 2017

What God Told Me About Joy

I recently read a post by one of my favorite bloggers (Al Carraway) and discovered we have a pretty special commonality that I imagine many others share as well. For as long as I can remember, I have done my best to write down what I've been told in priesthood blessings immediately after receiving them. Al wrote a post about what God has told her about goals (you can read her post here) and it inspired me to share some of what God has told me about joy over the years!

Things To Remember About Joy:
  • You were meant to have joy in this life.
  • When you feel joy, so too does your Savior.
  • Be happy! Have joy. This is God's plan for you.
  • The Savior feels joy as you feel it. This is a crucial part of the atonement that you must not forget.
  • Remember to have joy, for this is the purpose of your existence.
  • You can be more than happy in this life; you can be joyous.
Obtaining Joy:
  • Joy is something you can pray to obtain.
  • The joy that comes from actively serving the Lord is far greater than the joy of sitting on the couch staring at a phone.
  • Take time to do those things that bring you joy. Joy brings you closer to Christ regardless of what the activity is.
  • True happiness comes from living the gospel. You know this. Let others know as well.
When You Are Without Joy:
  • You were sent to this earth to have joy and to bring joy to others. God does not want you to dwindle in depression and defeat.
  • Your greatest struggles in life will lead to the greatest joys of your life.
  • You deserve joy. Do your best to remember this when despair clouds your perception and judgment.
  • Others will seek to destroy your happiness. Disregard their efforts.
  • You are not the burden to others that you think you are. Be happy and have joy, for this is what people see in you.
  • You do not have to live in fear. Happiness will dispel any fear from your soul.
  • Satan wants nothing more than to deplete you of happiness. Conquer him. Conquer these destructive thoughts. Have faith that you deserve happiness and you will never fail.
  • Despair no more. It will bring you no good. Rather, be at peace. Find moments of joy. This will heal you.
  • Happiness heals when despair destroys.
  • At times when you feel that joy will never come, know that you would not be able to handle the joy that you will feel from the gospel in the future. You would not be able to bear it at this moment, but as you grow closer to the Lord, you will be able to handle all the joy that is in store for you.

Know that God wants you to be joyful! He is a man of happiness, of peace, of love, and of joy. Move forward with the knowledge that you deserve joy, and plenty of it. 
(Photo by Taylor Yardley)

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