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19 August, 2017

Let's Talk Motherhood - Self Care

I am so excited to be back this month with the Let's Talk Motherhood series! I've teamed up with some amazing moms to share in a conversation from each of our perspectives on self care. These bloggers have answered the following questions on their own websites, and all of their perspectives are linked at the end of this post for you to read! I created this interview collaboration series to connect, encourage, share, and relate with other moms. No matter how different our perspectives may be, we're all in this amazing and challenging journey of motherhood together.

On self care as a mom:

1. Has your view on self care changed since becoming a parent? If yes, how? 
Oh absolutely! Before I had Conrad, self care didn't feel quite as vital to me, or rather, I had the freedom and time to do more for myself so I didn't think much of the importance of it all. I never knew how crucial taking time for myself would be after becoming a mom, and how much even the simplest forms of self care could change my life. I think I value alone time a lot more now and am more appreciative of the moments I do get for myself.

2. How do you make time for self care as a mom? 
I feel extremely fortunate that my husband goes the extra mile to make sure I have time for myself. He really tries hard to give me some alone time when he's off work and it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Throughout the day, however, I recently made the decision to do at least one thing for myself when Conrad is down for a nap. I sit down, read a book, write, or just relax for a bit instead of going straight to cleaning up the house or whatever else needs to be done that day. It has helped me so much to feel refreshed and ready to give Conrad all of my energy when he wakes up.

3. What are your favorite ways to practice self care? 
Okay, people always think I'm crazy for this but I LOVE going grocery shopping. Love it. I love shopping alone and planning meals and I would literally go grocery shopping for other people if that were a real career, that's how much I enjoy it. 😂  I really enjoy listening to podcasts and reading good books, and I absolutely love going out and playing volleyball! I basically grew up in a gym with my dad being a coach for so long, so volleyball runs in my blood and is still one of my favorite things in life. But even simple things like just lighting a candle at home and listening to music is therapeutic for me, and as I've started working harder to practice self care every day, I feel like I'm a better mom and a happier person overall.

4. How do you overcome 'mom guilt' when you do take a few minutes to yourself? 
It took me a serious meltdown and a lot of time to overcome the dreaded mom guilt. It took my husband literally forcing me to lay down and read a book one day to realize how necessary time to myself is. I had to have a bit of a rude awakening to push past guilt, but when it does creep in from time to time, I just have to remind myself that I do matter and that I do deserve and need time for myself. I try to look at self care like it is as necessary as brushing my teeth, or eating lunch (which, let's be real, that IS solely what my self care practices looked like for the first month or two of being a mom). But I've tried changing my perspective to see it as a vital part of living, and to recognize that self care is not selfish - it's necessary. Remembering how much better of a mother, wife, and friend I am when I am taking care of myself is the best way I think I've been able to overcome the guilt.

5. What advice would you give to moms that struggle with practicing self care?
Something I always tell my friends that are about to become mothers is to be adamant about taking time for themselves. I learned pretty quickly when I became a mom that when I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of others the way I want to. The best thing I could tell someone is to understand that self care is so vital to your well being, and that in order to be the mother you want to be, you need to put yourself high on that checklist of who needs your love and attention. Learn to graciously say no when you need to, and recognize that self care is necessary and should not be something you allow yourself to feel guilty for. Whether self care for you means listening to a podcast or going to the gym, do it and do it often. Treat yourself kindly and do what works best for you.

Be sure to check out the rest of the perspectives linked below and feel free to share what you do for self care (whether you're a mom or not!) in the comments as well!

"An empty lantern provides no light. Self care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly."

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