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05 September, 2017

Celebrating Simple

I used to envy the lives of people I saw exploring the world while I stayed at home, seemingly overrun by the mundane tasks of my life as a stay at home mom. The parties I was missing, the perfectly decorated homes that weren't mine, the gorgeous outfits I didn't own. I fell in to the trap of just accepting that my life was boring, and comparing my life to those around me. 

It took me a while to work past those feelings, but when I did, I realized how deeply blessed I really am. The more I take a step back and look at my life, the more I see that it is worth celebrating. Every single day.

This morning I took my sweet baby boy on a walk. The weather was perfect, I listened to one of the best podcasts I've ever heard, and even got to pet a cute dog (small victories, but totally worth celebrating). Then Conrad played in his pool while we listened to music, ate some good food, and now he's napping away (BIG victory there, and definitely worth celebrating).

I'll likely spend my afternoon chasing my baby around the house until my husband is home from work. Next comes dinner, some more chasing and playing with blocks, probably a melt down or two, and off to bed.

My life is simple. My days are filled with cleaning, and cooking, and chasing a baby. Sometimes I'll sneak in some pinterest and blogging. Other days we take pictures and go on trips to target. There's lots of love, and lots of laughter, and lots of simplicity.

 I know it's something that I should've learned a long time ago, but I'm finally coming to realize and embrace that my life doesn't have to look like others, and it really shouldn't. I'm learning that not only is there nothing wrong with a simple life, it is worth celebrating.

And the more I really try and make a wholehearted effort to love and appreciate the simplicity of this season of my life, the more I crave simple and slow. This life that I struggled so hard to love is now exactly what I need, and often feels so much greater than what I think I deserve.

In the next hour or so, I'll get to pick up my baby out of his crib and hug him tight. I get to read with him and help him walk and chase him all over the place. You won't see me in a perfect house with the perfect clothes, and you definitely won't see me at a party anytime soon. But you'll see me happy, soaking up all the simple joys that come with this life of mine.

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." 
-J.R.R. Tolkien

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