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19 September, 2017

Let's Talk Motherhood - Staying Present with Little Ones

I am so excited to be back this month with the Let's Talk Motherhood series! I've teamed up with some amazing moms to share in a conversation from each of our perspectives on staying present with little ones. These bloggers have answered the following questions on their own websites, and all of their perspectives are linked at the end of this post for you to read! This interview collaboration series was created to connect, encourage, share, and relate with other moms. No matter how different our perspectives may be, we're all in this amazing and challenging journey of motherhood together.

On staying present with little ones:

1. As a blogger, how do you balance working from home and staying present with your children?
I've made a rule for myself that my computer needs to be put completely away when I'm with Conrad. So, all of my blogging is done either while he sleeps or when he is in another room playing with his dad. I don't want my son to ever feel like I spend more time on a computer than I do with him, so it's really important to me that I work my schedule around him - even if that means staying up late or waking up early to write. I think the biggest thing for myself is just always keeping in mind that when it comes down to deadlines or anything work related, my son will always come first. Always.

2. What is your favorite way of spending quality time with your little ones?
I absolutely love when my husband is home and we can spend time playing with Conrad together. Rad loves being chased around and exploring, so my favorite times are when we just drop everything and follow his lead. It's the best feeling to let go and just laugh, and I know that those simple moments are going to be some of my fondest memories looking back. 

3. In such a fast paced world, how do you slow down with and without your children?
Three words: stop, look, breathe. I often let my anxiety get the best of me and feel that I need to be going all day long. That leads to burnout, and ultimately keeps me distracted from what really matters. So I take time every single day to stop what I'm doing, breathe, and look at what is right in front of me. THAT is what matters. When I can take a step back and realign my perspective, it makes it so much easier to slow down and stay in the moment whether I am with my son or not.

4. What is something you do every day to be present in the moment?
I once listened to a podcast that mentioned that when you are struggling to be present to ask yourself, "what is my next thought?" When you force yourself to stop and wait for a thought to come, it helps to instantly bring you to the present moment and slow down. I try to ask myself that question when my mind is going a mile a minute, and it has helped me tremendously. I've also found that staying present has gotten a lot easier since I started a gratitude practice. When I am visualizing what I'm thankful for, it makes me feel grounded and calm, which is exactly what I need to be present in the moment. 

5. What advice would you give to new and future moms about staying present as a parent?
Your child needs to know that you see them - truly see them. When we let distractions get the best of us, we are missing so much of what is really going on. Your child will look to you so much more than you could ever realize. As you are feeding them, as they are playing, all the time. Be there when they look at you. Let them know you see them, and that you love them, and that they matter. Watch them grow, and watch them learn - no matter how much you'd rather be getting work done or scrolling through social media. Be there with them. Sit next to them and play with them. Put away all of your distractions and just look. Remember that these years will all go by so quickly, so make the most of them. 

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