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08 October, 2017

Conrad's 1st Birthday Party

Has it really been a year already? Our Conrad James will be a year old this week, so we decided to throw him a little party over the weekend! It was such a pleasant day with Jake's family and Conrad's godparents, and I'm so thankful for all of the love and support in Conrad's life. 

I'm not a huge party person, but I wanted to do something fun to celebrate Conrad's first year. Jake and I always talk about how crazy and full of life Conrad is, so we decided to go with a party animal theme!

My sweet sister in law, Sarah, helped so much with putting together all of the little details!

The balloons originally said happy birthday, but we had a letter pop at the store, so happy 1 it was!

Jake made his famous tacos for the party, which I somehow never got a chance to eat (running around taking pictures will do that to ya;)

Jake also baked Conrad's cake along with the most amazing Boston cream pie for the rest of us!

One year old!

Rad loved opening his gifts!

Fred + Savannah
(Conrad's godparents)

and their sweet baby girl Ava, too!

Jake's mom, Laurel, and Ava (Savannah grew up spending lots of time at the Wilson's home!)

My boys

These two are the best of friends (and we're trying to convince Conrad and Ava that they're best friends too ;)

Sarah, the most amazing creator, sister, and friend ever. 

By the time I realized we hadn't taken a family picture yet, Conrad was over being in front of the camera. But hey, you take what you can get right?

Had to add this one because Conrad, one day you're going to see this and know that your parents have always smothered you in love, even when you weren't too sure you wanted us to ;)

We had so much fun celebrating Conrad's first year!

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