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30 April, 2017

Life as Mrs. Wilson: April

Something I used to write in my journal was a little life update on the last day of each month. I would write about things that happened throughout the month, things I was grateful for, lessons learned, favorite things, etc. I thought I'd start doing these monthly updates on my blog so I can look back on what has happened and so anyone else can read along the way too if they'd like!

So, here are a few things from April:

Things I'm grateful for:

1. A healthy baby. This month we met with Conrad's cardiologist and got the OK to start weaning him off his heart medicine. It has been a humbling experience to watch our son go from surviving in the NICU to absolutely thriving.  
2. A selfless husband. Jake has been nothing but supportive as I've been finishing up my last semester of college. There was one day in particular when I was completely overwhelmed with everything that comes with being a college senior and new mom. Jake came home and told me to take some time for myself and sent me out the door. It was exactly what I needed and I am SO thankful for a husband willing to do that after a long day of school and work. 
3. Progress with bells palsy. It's been 7 months since I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy and I am really starting to feel normal for the most part. I still have some issues with my left eye and some pain from the nerves healing, but this was the first month that there were days where I actually forgot I even had it! That was a huge step for me and I am feeling extra thankful for progress - and that I'm not as scared to get my picture taken any more. 

Lessons learned:

1. Sometimes, going on a drive is all you need to make the day better.
2. Not everyone is going to like you - and that's okay. 
3. It can sometimes take years before a prayer is answered, and a lot of times our prayers aren't going to be answered in the way we want. (More about this here). 

Current favorites:

1. Google Keep. I am the type of person that needs to-do lists every day. This is the best app I've found for keeping lists and I absolutely love it!
2. Awesome with Alison podcast. I started listening to podcasts during my walks with Conrad this month and this has been my favorite to listen to so far! It's entertaining, motivating, super fun, and I would definitely recommend listening to it. 


1. Weston's 30th birthday. My brother Weston would have turned 30 this month! I thought it would be a great time to bring Conrad to see his uncle's grave for the first time. It was such  a pleasant day. We brought Weston's baby blanket for Conrad to lay on and just enjoyed each others company. Visiting Weston's grave has always provided a lot of peace and quiet joy for me, and it meant a lot to have my little family there with me this month. 

2. Jake's an art major! This past year has been filled with questions about what the right decision is for our family regarding Jacob's schooling. For a while, we had planned on him getting his bachelors degree up north, but it just never felt like it was the best thing for us. This month, Jake made the decision to continue his schooling here at DSU to pursue a bachelors degree in art with a graphic design emphasis and then move up to Salt Lake City to get his masters degree in architecture. We both feel great about the decision and are happy to be staying in St. George for a few more years!
3. Conrad is on the move! At the beginning of this month, Conrad started crawling. Since then, he has gotten faster and is now trying to climb up everything in sight. It has been so fun to watch him learn and progress so much this month!

April has been filled with lots of homework, exams, and milestones. I'm really looking forward to graduating this week and getting to devote more time to things other than writing essays for statistics. ;) Life is good as Mrs. Wilson!

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