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05 July, 2017

An Evening on the Farm + A Summer Playlist

A few weeks ago, we spent an evening at my in-law's home. They live on a gorgeous farm that still takes my breath away just like it did the first time I saw it nearly 7 years ago. We had such a great time at the Wilson's surrounded by lots of love and laughter.


Playlist No. 1: Summer Nights

1. Simple Song - The Shins
2. Are We Strangers to Ourselves - Mike Wilson Tunes
3. Lost - Jack and White
4. Some Say Life - Lottie 
5. In My Life - The Beatles
6. Seaside - Haux
7. Old Pine - Ben Howard
8. Cecilia and the Satellite - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
9. Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches
10. I Got You - Jack Johnson

Just a few songs that have been on repeat this summer. Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do!

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