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31 July, 2017

Life As Mrs. Wilson: July

July 2017

Things I'm grateful for:
1. Freedom & a safe place to live. Despite the growing turmoil in the world and in our country, I feel so blessed and am so thankful to live in such a safe place where I get to enjoy the freedom that I do. 
2. Kind words & perfect timing. It seems that every time I am feeling like giving up on blogging, or attending church services, or honestly just life in general, someone reaches out to me and lifts me back up. This month I struggled a lot with feeling inadequate and every time I felt low, sure enough, someone sent me a message or a text just letting me know that something I said or did was of value to them and it always came at the perfect time for me. I can't even express how thankful I am for that renewal of strength that has come from the kind words of others.

Lessons Learned:
1. Do what brings you joy every single day. If there is any one thing I've learned lately, it's the importance of finding what brings you joy and doing it often. Even the simple joys like listening to podcasts or lighting a candle - it's all important to our well being. 
2. Busy doesn't necessarily mean productive. I've tried to keep myself busy for as long as I can remember; playing sports year round while doing extracurriculars every day, then going to college full time while working 3 jobs. I just assumed that if I was busy, that was a good thing. When I graduated and suddenly life wasn't so go-go-go all the time, I started to feel like I was useless and that since I was "just" a mom now I wasn't being productive anymore. I'm still working through those feelings but I am really starting to learn that I don't have to constantly be doing 50 projects to feel productive (and besides, being a mom honestly feels MORE busy than anything I've ever done, combined).  

Current Favorites:
1. Doterra immortelle blend. Okay here's the thing. I love essential oils so much, but there are a few of them that I just can't get myself to buy because of the high price. The immortelle blend was one of those oils that I had heard so many amazing things about but didn't dare buy it until I either 1) knew it would work for me or 2) could get it free. With doterra, you can build up points to earn free product and I finally saved up enough to get this oil for free this month. You guys. LIFE CHANGING. Seriously. I have seen such a difference in my skin already and am starting to see my face balance out more with the (lovely) half wrinkles I got from Bell's Palsy. This stuff is the real deal and I would totally pay full price for it now that I've used it. So GOOD!
2. The goal digger podcast. I'm sure you guys are aware of my love for podcasts by now, and this one is a keeper. I love Jenna's sincere passion for what she does and the goodness she exudes. Whether you are into business tips or not, she has a lot of great insights on business and life alike. I would totally recommend listening to this podcast if you get a chance! 

1. Conrad's first Fourth. This year we spent Independence Day with my parents and watched the fireworks across the valley from the deck. It was so relaxing and Conrad really seemed to enjoy it too!

2. A trip to the cabin with Greg & Kara. Jake's brother, Greg, and his wife, Kara, drove down from Logan to come spend a night at my family's cabin. We brought Conrad up and he had so much fun playing with his cousin Isaac and loving on little Laura too. I always love getting to spend one on one time with my in laws and had such a great time just talking and spending time with Greg, Kara, and the kids.

This month was filled with tears, triumphs, and lots of trips to the cabin. It's been a struggle to adjust to life after college as well as the ever changing adjustment to parenthood. I had a lot of happy days and even made it to sunday school (most sundays I spend chasing Conrad down the church hallways or just give up and head home after the first meeting. Sorry, just doin my best over here). But despite this hectic chapter of life, I still feel pretty darn blessed and am looking forward to more progression and hopefully some more balance in my life. All will be well, and life is still good - no matter what comes our way. 

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