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31 January, 2018

Conrad These Days

Conrad is a little over a year old (15 months) and is growing and developing sooo quickly. I feel like this stage of life, more than ever, I am catching myself being that mom that can't stop rambling about how FAST time goes by. It really is an interesting thing, to feel like the newborn stage was both a lifetime ago, and also just seconds ago. This has definitely been the most fulfilling stage of being a mother for me, and while I still struggle with my confidence, I do feel that Conrad and I are comfortably finding our rhythm and routine in life together.

Here are 10 things about Conrad these days:

1. He L O V E S alllll the healthy stuff. Seriously you guys, his favorite foods include kale, almonds, raisins, kiwi, and spinach -- he definitely did not get that from me, that's for sure! This kid is a little health nut and I adore that about him (but secretly hope he'll enjoy sneaking some icecream with me every once in a while in the future years).
2. Conrad loves things to be clean and in order, just like his mama. 
3. The kisses. You guys, the KISSES. He is constantly blowing kisses to us and even sometimes to strangers in Barnes & Noble, and will sometimes grab our faces and go in for a big ol' slobbery kiss. This kid is full of love and has the sweetest heart.
4. Peg + Cat is his favorite show. We may or may not have the theme song downloaded on our phones to help ease those I'm-stuck-in-a-car-seat-so-time-for-a-meltdown moments.
5. Conrad has more energy than I can even wrap my head around. He plays hard and loves to run.
6. He is CRAZY stubborn, and quite possibly more stubborn than I am.
7. He's also incredibly resilient, and is the epitome of 'getting back up on the horse' after each fall. Any time he gets hurt, he'll let me hold him for a minute tops, then go back and try to conquer what he was doing. He has come up with some pretty creative solutions and I am always in awe (and usually exhausted) by his determination to succeed.
8. Rad LOVES music. Any music, really. We've tried to introduce him to just about every genre there is, and from every decade, and he seems to love it all. Anything by Michael Jackson will get some guaranteed dance moves, and if there's not music playing throughout the day, you can bet he'll start yelling at the Google Home to play something again.
9. He refuses to sleep without his blanket and stuffed monkey.
10. Conrad thinks piggy back rides, giving zurbers, and standing on his tippy toes are all hilarious. And that laugh, I could listen to it forever.
Conrad James: if you ever read this someday, I want you to know what a joy and blessing you are in my life. You are constantly making me smile and laugh, and watching your personality develop and unfold is so great. Never stop trying, keep loving hard, and always remember how incredible you are in my eyes. Mama loves you, baby boy.

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