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25 March, 2018

Adversity? Opportunity.

I was told at a young age that trials are just opportunities, and that every struggle we have has purpose, even if it is just to show us that we are strong enough to endure it. We have opportunities to learn and grow through every situation in life -- the tricky part is to just remember that during the hard times.

I've written before about my love for the changing seasons of the earth, and how symbolic I feel they are in comparison to seasons of our own lives. Just as we need the life and warmth of spring, so too do we need the bitterness of winter. We need the heaviness to better appreciate the joy, and it truly does us no good to wish away the winter in hopes for warmer days, when we could have been playing in the snow all along. 

I feel that it's so fitting that this season of rebirth and growth is coming at a time filled with so much change in my own life. Just as the trees are starting to blossom and become filled with life once again, I too feel that excited energy. Excited to live and to be alive, despite sometimes feeling afraid that the cold frost could come back and hinder me.

 It's been a difficult month. With moving and adjusting to this new chapter of my life, I've found myself in tears of frustration and fear, and just pure exhaustion at times. While I am so excited for all of the new changes that are happening, I've struggled with feeling overwhelmed with it all. But as I've had time to sit and ponder, I'm starting to see the opportunity from the chaos.

I've learned how to find peace, even when surrounded by stacks of boxes and an energetic toddler.
I've accepted and found comfort in the knowledge that taking a break is okay, and that not every second of every day needs to feel productive.
I've embraced the mess that life sometimes is, and am learning to just go with it - even when my anxious mind wants otherwise.

I love this time of year, and I love where this season of life is taking me. Sure it's been hard, and sure there's a lot more struggle than simple at times. But these trials we face - no matter how big or small - are opportunities. And when we stop and see adversity for what it really is, there comes a liberating power with that knowledge.

So whatever it is you may be struggling with right now, know that you are strong enough to get through it. Know that you are absolutely never alone. Just as the calm always comes after the storm, joy will always come after sorrow. Never forget that you are enough, that you are loved, and that you are needed. Whatever it may be, just keep holding on, and look for the opportunity in the adversity. 

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