She & I - Life as Mrs. Wilson

09 April, 2018

She & I

She lived in daily fear but had moments of courage. 

I’m not afraid anymore. 

She worried what others would think when they saw her paralyzed face and chose to hide most days. 

I’m okay if they judge me, I’m not afraid to be seen. 

She hated her body, her face, her flaws. 

I embrace who I am, flaws and all. 

She is not me, and I am not her. I was her..and I’m thankful for the lessons that have been learned. But even just one year later, from that picture to this one, I’m a different version of myself. Stronger, braver, and much more happy with the person I am. 

The point is, let yourself change - on the inside and out. Growth is never comfortable, but this life was never meant to be such. Keep growing, keep changing, and keep working toward the best version of yourself. 

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